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Winning Low-Limit Hold'em
Winning Low Limit Hold'em

by Lee Jones

Winning Low-Limit Hold'em is all about the differences between low-limit and middle/high limit play. Playing in the low limits is VERY different than playing at other levels. This book helps you understand how to take advantage of the situations presented by the lower limits and what to avoid. This book is recommended for the beginner that has a basic understanding of Hold'em but feels that they need help playing at the lower limits. Keep in mind that many of the strategies in this book are "tighter" than usual play due to the lower limits. This will help establish a solid foundation of play, but may be too predictable at the higher levels.

More info on this book:
Book Review at
Book Review at
Book Review at
Book Review at

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Hold'em Poker
Hold'em Poker

by David Sklansky

Hold'em Poker is a great book on Texas Hold'em Poker. This introductory text explains some of the most important skills every player should have in his/her arsenal. In addition to starting hands and situation strategy, it also explains some deeper concepts such as Semi-Bluffing and paying attention to the best possible hand at all times. This book is recommended for every player and serves as a good introduction to Texas Hold'em. The only drawback this book has, as do many of David Sklansky's books, is that the thinking becomes so deep, that it is sometimes hard to follow. (this probably just shows the limitations of how deep I can think:) ) It is usually a good idea to re-read any paragraphs that you don't understand until you do, as the knowledge within is always worthwhile.

More info on this book:
Publisher Synopsis at
Book Review at
Book Review at

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About Simply Holdem
Here you will find helpful information on how to improve your play as well as some insight into various aspects of Texas Holdem Poker. Use our Starting Hand Quiz to find out if you are playing the right starting hands or read our Starting Hands strategy section to better understand why you would play certain hands only in certain situations.

Although I am not a writer I felt it would be beneficial to share what I have learned during the past few years building my holdem poker skills. The information contained in this site is what I have been putting together to make sure I remember the concepts and ideas that I have come across. Most of the information is geared toward lower limit play, however the key concept to good poker play is to be adaptable to your environment. If you're at a middle limit table and people are playing like it's low limit, you should know how to play them. If you are at a low limit table and the game is tight and similar to a middle/high limit game, you should know how to play that as well.

So please enjoy what this site has to offer, an organized view on Texas Holdem concepts. It provides the reader with helpful information that will make them play better poker.

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