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Below are some of our favorite links to poker, hold'em and other gaming related information. For info on poker supplies see the Home Poker Supplies section. For info on chip tricks, Video Poker, Caribbean Stud or Let it Ride strategy see the Other Poker-type Games and Info section. For info on playable "for fun" games in your browser (i.e. Video Poker) see the Online Games section. If gambling is becoming a problem that you can no longer control, visit the National Council on Problem Gambling's website for some helpful information.

Link Categories Internet / Computer Links (non-Poker related)
These links are beyond the scope of this website (Texas Hold'em Poker), however, we felt it was important to share these links. Many of them are freeware, helpful programs that help ensure your Internet experience is a happy one.

Anti-Virus / Spyware Removal and Detection
Unfortunately it is now necessary to have one (or all) of these scanners installed on your computer. The good news is most of them are free!
AVG Antivirus (FREE)
This is a free anti-virus program. It provides all the functions and protection that the pay versions do, however it limits you to only full scans. You cannot scan only a folder or file. But hey, it's free!

Norton Antivirus (approx $50 USD)
This is the ultimate in antivirus protection and worth the purchase price. (includes 12 months of free virus definition updates)

AdAware (FREE)
Every computer needs a spyware removal program (in addition to Anti-virus) to remove the many ad-related programs that install themselves. AdAware is one of the best and continues to be free. Be sure to update the definition file before your first scan.

Spybot-Search & Destroy (FREE)
This is another excellent spyware removal program and should be used in addition to AdAware. By using both applications, you ensure capturing all spyware on your computer.

SpyChecker (info)
This site provides good information on the world of spyware.
A firewall protects you from intruders accessing your computer, as well as notifies you of any/all communications from your computer to the Internet. This provides you with complete control over the applications that are running on your computer and what/when they connect to the Internet. Great for catching spyware or applications that send info back to their company websites.
ZoneAlarm (FREE)
ZoneAlarm is a good free firewall that will prevent unauthorized access to your computer from the Internet, as well as prevent any program from sending information to the Internet without your permission.
Popup Blockers
There are just too many ads on the Internet. We try to keep our advertising as "low profile" as possible so you can focus on the content of the site. Many sites now incorporate 'popup' ads as part of their advertising. This can become very annoying to have to close these windows just to see the site. There are a few popup blockers that you can obtain for free below. NOTE: some browsers (Mozilla, Opera, etc.) have built in popup blocking. Internet Explorer currently does not.
Google Toolbar (FREE)
This toolbar (for IE only) and will add a small search window to your browser toolbar. It offers a number of features like form fill-in and page translation, but it's most useful feature (aside from searching) is the ability to block popup ads.
Graphic Viewers
With so many digital photos in the world and a need to view them on your computer, below are some great, free viewers.
Irfanview (FREE)
Irfanview is an excellent, free program that allows you to view pictures of every type (with the plugins). It also provides some audio and video support. One of the nice features of this application is the ability to create a portable slide show of your pictures that you can send to someone in an email. It creates a single file that you send to your friends and family and they can view all your pictures from that one file. Great tool.
Of Webmaster Interest
The sites below are provided for anyone thinking of starting their own website. We have found these to be the most useful/inexpensive sites for running a site.
Hasweb Hosting (
Value web hosting starting at $35/yr with great hosting packages.

Dayana Hosting (
Very inexpensive web hosting starting around $15/yr, however that offering is only around 10MB of space. Great for small personal sites.

Go Daddy (
One of the least expensive places to get a domain name, usually less than $10/yr.

SiteUptime (
Free 24/7 website monitoring. Checks your site's availability every 30-60 mins. Will send you an email if your site is down. (
Free search engine submission site. It's also a good idea to visit each search engine and submit your site personally as well.
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