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Below are some of our favorite links to poker, hold'em and other gaming related information. For info on poker supplies see the Home Poker Supplies section. For info on chip tricks, Video Poker, Caribbean Stud or Let it Ride strategy see the Other Poker-type Games and Info section. For info on playable "for fun" games in your browser (i.e. Video Poker) see the Online Games section. If gambling is becoming a problem that you can no longer control, visit the National Council on Problem Gambling's website for some helpful information.

Link Categories Other Poker-type Games and Info
The Wizard of Odds (
Great statistical information on various casino games (not poker) including Video Poker and Caribbean Stud.

Coin Manipulation (
Chip Tricks! This site describes how to do some tricks with coins which can also be used to do the poker chip tricks that you see players do on tv and at the casino.

Hoyle Casino - ( keyword: hoyle
One of the greatest simulation casino games on the market. Provides the ability to play most casino games as well as provide basic strategy on all the games. Also has an online capability so you can play other "real" players.

Video Poker
Jeff Lotspiech's Video Poker Page (
This is a great resource for Video Poker strategy. It includes a java program that tells you when you have made the wrong move and provides the stats behind what you wanted to do and the optimum strategy. (
Some info on Video Poker strategies and such. Includes strategy tables for various games.
Carribean Stud Poker (
Includes strategy information on Carribean Stud.
Let It Ride (
Includes basic strategy info for Let It Ride
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Playable Online Games
The links below are playable, online games that are just for fun. Most of them are in Java and require JVM be installed. The games are free and don't require a software installation.

Video Poker
Wizard of Odds
Jeff Lotspiech's Video Poker
Gambilng Times

Carribean Stud Poker
Wizard of Odds
Gambling Times

Let it Ride
Wizard of Odds

Additional Games
Wizard of Odds
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