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Below are some of our favorite links to poker, hold'em and other gaming related information. For info on poker supplies see the Home Poker Supplies section. For info on chip tricks, Video Poker, Caribbean Stud or Let it Ride strategy see the Other Poker-type Games and Info section. For info on playable "for fun" games in your browser (i.e. Video Poker) see the Online Games section. If gambling is becoming a problem that you can no longer control, visit the National Council on Problem Gambling's website for some helpful information.

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Article Index by Subject
Here is an index to some really great articles on poker and hold'em, mostly from The articles are grouped by subject and are a great reference for any player.

Card Player Magazine (
This site has all the excellent articles seen in the printed magazine. Lots of info on game strategy. Check out the current issue articles here.

Play Winning Poker (
This site is run by one of the regular writers at Card Player Magazine. Lots of good info on strategy as well as an archive of all his essays

Learn Texas Holdem (
This site has some good info on various aspects of holdem. Check out their "Am I a Rock" article for some good advice. (
The name really says it all. This site has a lot of great poker concepts and strategies. There is also a forum to ask some of your most puzzling questions. (
This is the site of author Bill Haywood. There are some really great articles and book discounts. Also check out his "speed reading" drill that will help you identify boards quickly.

Netbettor (
This site offers some really great articles and advice on poker. Be sure to check out "The Netbettor Online Tutorial" for a detailed strategy guide to Texas Holdem. (
A very nice site with a detailed poker strategy section by skill level. Lots of really great articles.

Poker Player Magazine (
An online magazine for poker players. Use the poker links on the navigation bar to read their strategy columns and such. They also provide a pdf version of their magazine.

Poker1 - Mike Caro University (
Poker1 is Mike Caro's site where he provides a great deal of information on game strategy and tells. One of the best areas of the site is the Multimedia section, where he provides video clips on some of his famous poker tells. (
Nice site with good advice about playing in the low limits. Also provides some screenshots of the online poker sites and detailed book reviews.

Texas Hold'em Poker (
This site has Texas Holdem strategies, online poker rooms, and Hold Em resources. Good information on betting, odds and bluffing.

Play Perfect Poker (
Well laid out site with a strategy breakdown by step of the hand (flop, turn, river, etc.). Very straight forward advice that is easy to understand and apply to your game. (
(Previously at This site has some really excellent strategy information, clearly laid out and easy to understand. Also has printable starting hand charts and odds tables.

Chance's Free Winning Hold'em Strategy (
Good information on hold'em odds and strategy.

PokerPages - Articles (
There are a lot of really great articles here, listed by month, that provide valuable insight into poker strategy

Flop Turn River (
'The No Limit Texas Holdem Strategy Guide'

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