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SimplyHoldem Starting Hand Quiz and Analysis

SimplyHoldem has developed a starting hand quiz to test your knowledge on which hands to play based on your position. As you become more comfortable with your abilities, you will likely want to begin mixing up your starting hands to make your play unpredictable. However, when you are starting out, you should play more straightforward starting hands until you understand the strengths (and weaknesses) of each hand.

Take the SimplyHoldem Starting Hand Quiz

Also, if you would like to analyze a starting hand to see if/how it would be playable in which position, we have provided the SimplyHoldem Starting Hand Analyzer.

These tools utilize the Bill Chen Formula to define which hands are playable. Many thanks to Bill Chen for developing the formula.


Full Tilt Poker Quiz

Below is a randomly generated quiz based on different scenarios.
Courtesy of Full Tilt Poker.

NOTE: Answers will be opened in a new window.

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